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it was fun to watch the animation was was a bit too poorly drawn but still good I did like the action of the fight though so over all good job.

Tyrant-D responds:

poorly drawn? *sign* you have just hurt my feelings :( lol

I'm sure that statement wouldn't mean nothing if this was in the genre of comedy.

Wow that was verry moving to say the least.

I dont think i have ever seen a more meaningful fideo on newgrounds like this before. I love that song and the animation you put with it was excellent keep it up dude your awesome!

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the guy below me doesnt know what he is talking about you dont need to have crazy bloody action for a video to be good. you are one of the few artists that can actually make a good video without needing to have crazy action not to mention some of the best flash art on Newgrounds. and I recognize that that was the transformer in the movie from that quick picture if the model T transformer I always wondered what he would look like in robot form I would have given it a 9 though if it wasn't for the monocle that you gave him freeken sweet dude!!


dude i saw 4 first and loved it and had to watch the others and started at 1 and i like these more then the mottis series much better... it must be the bunnies but i dont like how you kill off all snowballs allies they are too cool!!! anyway great first 4 make plenty more.

you SOB!!

lol that was all pretty funny until he said that comment about who wheres red and blue at that moment i look down and relies i have my blue shirt with red shorts on....any way still a 10 cus i enjoyed it lol. even with all the hert feelings.

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lol funny

dude i love your voice acting you and egoraptor just have one of those voices that you can pick out of a crowd, very professional like. Anyway i loved the originality in this flash, good laughs. another great one!

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Good story

I always love it when people make good long videos that keep me entertained through out the whole thing. It had a good plot decent animation, keep up the good work.

GAWD this is awesome

man this is what it would be like if pokemon were real life.....which would be like the most awesome thing to happen on this planet....dont argue you all know it. but anyway very nice animation very pro looking.

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